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We had the pleasure of running an Art of Being at Work equine assisted learning workshop at Kits Coty last week. 

We were joined by Apache, who supported our work on personal presence, he shared his honest insight with the delegates. And their learning was meaningful and genuine. We would like to thank Martin and Gareth for their wonderful public reviews of the experience on LinkedIn, and for letting us share them here.  

It is wonderful to be able to share the honest observation of clients.


Gareth writes: “To all you neigh sayers…

Forgive the terrible pun, but it’s not every day you get to explore somatics, mindfulness and leadership with a horse as your teacher ?

A big thank you to Graeme Green for hosting Martin Feaver and I yesterday, and for keeping our horse, Apache, in check.

Apache’s behaviour under my leadership taught me just how much the intention, posture and conviction I adopt impacts those around me. And how it’s ok (in fact – essential) to take time to regroup as and when you’re not feeling at your best.

From my work as a coach, I can tell you that these sorts of realisations can sometimes take leaders months to arrive at. Apache managed it in about 90 minutes!

I know who to call when I’m recruiting my next associate now ? ”


Martin writes: “Meet Apache – he’s the one on the left! Along with the incredible Graeme Green, last Wednesday I explored and discovered my patterns of thinking, feeling and moving.

As Apache worked his magic, and with Graeme’s insightful comments, I found myself trusting the process, increased awareness, realising the importance of regrouping and exploring my energy towards others. The processing has continued.

It was a powerful morning! My thanks to Apache and Graeme for this incredible work and also Gareth Russell for inviting me – he’s the one on the right! I doubt I could have stood that close to Apache at the beginning of the session!”


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