Maggie and Rose spread smiles at Wisdom Hospice

Dame Maggie and Princess Rose visit The Wisdom Hospice 30th September 2016

Last Friday Pippa and myself took the ponies to visit the people in The Wisdom Hospice. We went into the day centre, where they went and said their friendly hello’s whilst the day visitors enjoyed their afternoon tea and biscuits. They stood happily and calmly whilst they were fussed, and it was delightful to see all the faces lit up by the visit (staff and visitors alike) We then went onto the wards to visit the patients and their families…, the ponies are not fazed by going into the wards, and they are content and happy to visit each bed if that is what is wanted. They are equally happy to be fussed by the slightly bewildered staff and visitors, and are getting quite used to the camera.

This is a very special place, with amazing staff that make it possible for the ponies to visit. It is a pleasure for us too, to see faces smile, a sparkle of light in their eyes, and noses and hands touching, making that warm contact that feels so good. The ponies seem to know where and what is needed from them, and love the fuss that is freely given to them. The odd apple was passed their way, which goes down very well. A brief moment, but remembered well…, the ponies are spoken of very highly in the hospice, and raising smiles even after the visit. There is something about touching a warm nose, or having a soft warm breath near to your face. For just a moment people can forget and enjoy this very special interaction with Maggie and Rose, who are indeed two very special ponies.

I know first-hand what it is like to be a family member at the hospice, my dad was in there 3 years ago this month, and I can only think how thrilled he would have been to have had a visit from these ponies. He would have without doubt fed them anything he could, and I just know how much of a smile it would have put upon his face. So to be able to take Maggie and Rose in, spend some time at this very special place, and see smiles and happiness is almost too much to put into words. Well done Dame Maggie and Princess Rose, as always, you are just adorable.

Suzanne Halsey

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