Developing Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at work

Equilibrium for Life have recently completed a four week foundation programme for a Kent based Local Authority. The sessions were delivered over consecutive weeks and were a mixture of experiential group practice and related topical content. There were just over 50 delegates who were encouraged to undertake daily practice between sessions and develop an awareness of their emotions and behaviour within, and outside of, the workplace.

During that time they were provided with:

  • Foundation meditations to work with and develop
  • Coping strategies and tools that could be used in stressful situations
  • Tips to observe and connect with their own physical, mental and emotional autopilot behaviours
  • Insights and outlines around emotional awareness and regulation
  • An practical understanding of what is really theirs to influence or change
  • Ideas to support their ongoing interactions and relationships with other

It was an incredibly strong learning experience for all those who attended with over 90% confirming that there was immediate benefit and value for them in the workplace, as well as strongly recommending attendance for their colleagues. Additionally there was a strong desire expressed by a number of attendees to develop their own regular sessions to sustain the practice, as well as a commitment to commission future employee programmes.


  • “I feel calmer, more relaxed and feel I have been more productive at work.”
  • “This is probably the only course I have been on where afterwards there is so much to takeaway with you that you can keep and use in your daily life.”
  • “Learning not to be judgemental in my thoughts has allowed me to develop some better working relationships and complete more successful negotiations.”
  • “As a group it is massively helpful to provide structure, different perspectives and reinforcement. This is a really brilliant course which is helping me.”
  • “I have developed some new coping strategies for challenging situations.”
  • “I have found the mindfulness course very helpful, I suffer from a lot of stress and learning about the techniques available to ground myself again and reduce stress is really helpful.”
  • “In the first week of going I was going through some issues which were affecting my sleep, emotions and attitude to work. I bounced out of the first course feeling like a brand new person and that night I went home and got the first full night sleep I’d had in about a month.”
  • “I find practicing mindfulness makes me more productive in my day to day work”
  • “I have learnt a lot about myself ……  For me the biggest eye opener has been learning how to accept things that are out of your control.” 

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