Pony magic

I’m always amazed at the effect our mini shetlands can conjure up on the people they work with.

Noah has a range of neuro-diversity challenges including autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia and sensory issues. He visits Dame Maggie and Princess Rose every other week. We do a range of structured and non structured activities: from grooming, mucking out, making up feeds to leading, riding and playing games.

The benefits speak for themselves – the most powerful is that Noah sleeps through the night after every visit (something he doesn’t normally do). He also is able to confidently lead the ponies over a range of obstacles and can groom knowing the names of the brushes.

But more than that he has this special bond with Maggie and Rose…it’s heart warming to witness. I feel very privileged to do this work.


Alex Taskin, Equilibrium for Life

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