Equine Assisted Learning

The horse is a silent and honest coach, sharing an immediate reflection of how you are in that moment. These powerful interactions offer the opportunity to model change safely and without judgement.

Professional and Personal Learning

Working with ponies and horses provides a strong and highly impactful experiential learning opportunity, which is founded in the animals’ intuitive behaviours, which have evolved over thousands of years. The horse offers an honest and non-judgemental reflection of how we are in the moment. Such immediacy not only offers a clear message about what needs to be changed or developed within the individual, but it provides a safe and non-emotional opportunity to model difference.

Our programmes are designed to promote and support the development of:

  • professional and personal leadership
  • fostering a growth mindset
  • emotional and social intelligence
  • emotional awareness and regulation
  • individual resilience
  • mental and physical wellbeing

We deliver profound learning and development support to the professional workplace and the personal space. We aim to guide those we work with towards achieving the best that can be – whatever their background or circumstances.

The sessions or programmes with horses are generally either carried out in a secure paddock as an observational activity (observing behaviours and emotions as might be expressed in the physical form of the horse,) or in a riding arena where activities will range from simple relationship metaphors such as grooming or petting, to specific tasks or challenges carried out alongside the horse in different spaces, sometimes involving physical obstacles.

Therapeutic support

Spending time with animals is proven to be a very therapeutic practice,with both neurological and physiological benefits.

Our therapeutic interventions with ponies will help project participants in the following ways:

  • practical and life skills
  • developing confidence around animals
  • learning to understand the needs of other beings
  • developing confidence when visiting strange and unfamiliar locations
  • gaining confidence moving around in outdoor situations
  • exposure to the elements
  • exploring their senses by exploring the horse, e.g. touch and smell as well as sight
  • developing attention span and concentration

We offer experiences and more structured interventions for Special Needs groups and those in care. Sessions are run at our base in Kit’s Coty, Aylesford, Kent or on an outreach basis at client sites, which can and are happy to accommodate our ponies at both inside and outside locations.

Spending time with animals is a very therapeutic exercise, proven to have neurological benefits as well as having settling effects on breathing and heart rates, as well as reducing production of cortisol. Exercises based around the care and wellbeing support of the horse and you create the opportunity to develop a deep connection with the participant’s own needs, such as self-worth and self-care; as well as developing personal emotional literacy and awareness through observation of such in others.