Coaching & Mentoring


Our extensive experience provides real value to those that we work with. We are committed to facilitating your journey to success.

Our interventions provide support in the following ways:
  • performance/target setting/goal achievement is improved
  • openness to personal learning and development is increased
  • solutions to specific work-related issues are identified
  • sense of ownership and responsibility is improved
  • self-awareness is developed
  • specific skills or behaviour are improved
  • clarity regarding roles and objectives is achieved
  • behaviour/performance difficulties are corrected
  • reflection on practice is enhanced

EfL is connected to Passe-Partout Consulting Ltd which has extensive experience of delivering a full spectrum of ground breaking coaching and mentoring services to the private sector. EfL has the opportunity to work with some of those solutions and deliver them to support communities in need. In so doing we provide coaching and mentoring interventions for the target groups which help disadvantaged and disengaged individuals re/engage with their personal aspirations, educational development and economic activities. We will work with individuals, at their own pace, to help them identify and work on appropriate personal goals through structured and supported interventions.

We seek out partnerships with other voluntary, community and other social enterprise organisations, in order that our services can be integrated into their offer and become value-adding complements to their work.